Máy tập Impluse


Máy chạy bộ điện PT 300


Tải trọng người chạy 150KG/330lbs

Kích thước thảm  508*1524mm / 20" * 60"

trọng lượng máy /weight L*W*H:2136*934*1450mm/ 84"*36.7"56.4" Wt: 200kg/441lbs

Kích thước thùng L*W*H 2200*990*650/86.6"*39"*25.6" 40'

HQ fits 48 sets COLOR frame: Platinum . shroud, dark grey and accents:N/A STEP-UP HEIGHT 258.5mm/10"

Động cơ liên tục  3HP AC motor, Peak HP: 5HP

Nguồn điện 110 / 220 volts with a cord of 3C * 2000mm(78.7") * 1.5mm2

CERTIFICATION CE SUSPENSION Double cell neoprene rubber system with 1'' thick fiberboard. ROLLER 76.2mm (3'') sealed bearing

Độ dốc 0 - 15% at 1% increment

Tốc độ  1 - 20 km/h (12.5 mph) in 0.1 km/h (0.1mph)increments HR



San pham tu website
Giá:  48.000.000 VNĐ

HR MONITORING Contact Heart Rate System and wireless DISPLAY 6 window Dot Matrix LED READOUTS speed and incline, time elapsed, calories, calories/hour, pace (min/km or mile), distance, course profile, heart rate, heart rate tracking, 1/4 mile or 400 meters motivational track, laps completed, etc.. PROGRAMES 4 preset, 3 custom and 2 user programe. Quick start funtion FEATURES personal cooling fan, safety lockout control, One-touchTM speed & incline, belt logo optional, intergrated surge protecter, easy adjust roller, easy disgnostics, easy deck cleaning, etc..


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